God looked through the scope of time and seen a people. A people that wished to be free to worship Him.When the right time had come, He sent forth Christopher Columbus.

Ever wonder where we got our form of Government?

Isaiah 33:22

The Lord is our Judge.
The Lord is our Law-giver.
The Lord is our King, He will save us.

There would be no America at all if it were not for the Grace of God. But look at what we have done to this land of the free. God warns us in His Word that all nations that forget Him will be turned into Hell. We have not only forgotten Him, we have thrown Him out. How will America stand when God removes His hand of protection?

The Founding Fathers of America were overwhelmingly Christian. So much so that the culture and law reflected it. They never intended for Christianity and Politics to be divorced. Sad how their own laws and constitutions are now believed to be unconstitutional.

God so loves YOU that He sent His only Son to die in YOUR place, so that YOU could have
everlasting life.

Today !!!
is the day of salvation, choose life.