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Restraining an Overactive Judiciary

The American judicial branch is out of control, dominating both the executive and legislative branches. This book reveals how the Founders restrained overactive courts via the only way possible--impeachment. Learn how we can do the same.
America's God and Country
Containing 2,100 quotations, this encyclopedia of quotes from American statesmen, presidents, scientists, educators, authors, court decisions, and others highlights our Christian heritage. By William J. Federer
Original Intent
Reveals how the Supreme Court has reinterpreted the Constitution, diluting the Biblical principles upon which it was based. Hear the Founders speak for themselves, describing what they wanted for America in their own words.
The Light and the Glory
Did God have a plan for America? The authors offer countless examples of His hand in the discovery and settling of this land, in its spiritual awakening, in its struggle for independence, and in its first years as a republic. As they document the Christian faith of key figures from Columbus to Washington, their often startling insights and inspiring stories have made this book "must reading" for all who would regain their national spiritual heritage.
Lives of the Signers
This reprint of an 1848 original provides a brief biography on each of the fifty-six Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. Learn the virtues and vision of these venerated Americans who helped create the most stable and enviable nation in the world.
We Can Change America
We Can Change America, by Darylann Whitemarsh shows how to impact the media and involve friends, neighborhoods, and churches in the healing and restoration of American society. Contains lists of resource organizations.
To Pray or not to Pray

See clear statistical evidence showing what has happened to our country since the Supreme Court first began separating religious principles from public affairs in 1962 (nearly 40 charts are included). Several solutions for restoration are presented.

Constitution Alive!
Join Christian historian David Barton and former Texas legislator Rick Green as they advocate for the original intent of our founding documents in this one-of-a-kind, 4-DVD set on the meaning and purpose of the Constitution. Go article by article through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and learn more about executive orders, the Electoral College, the powers of Congress and the President, freedom of religion, and more.
America's Godly Heritage
This captivating presentation sets forth the beliefs of many of the famous Founding Fathers concerning the proper role of Christian principles in education, government, and the public affairs of the nation. Additionally, see excerpts from court cases which demonstrate that for 160 years, Christian principles were inseparable from public affairs. See graphically displayed statistics showing what has happened to America since contemporary courts began rejecting the Founders' Biblical principles. (VHS 59 minutes)
Keys to Good Government
In recent years, our government has been plagued with a growing number of scandals and increased corruption, yet for almost two centuries American government was characterized as sound and morally untainted. The change has come because we have disregarded the advice given to us by the framers of our original government. Discover the keys to good government which they set forth by investigating the wise counsel of leaders like William Penn, Benjamin Rush, Elias Boudinot and John Adams and learn how we can reclaim the quality of government we once enjoyed. (VHS 59 minutes)
Education and the Founding Fathers
This presentation examines the educational system that produced our great Founding Fathers. Learn about the schools they attended and the numerous textbooks they authored which helped America become the world's educational leader. Read excerpts from the textbooks and writings of Founding Fathers like Noah Webster, John Witherspoon, Thomas Jefferson, Gouverneur Morris, Fisher Ames, and others; find out why they believed that the Bible should always remain the primary textbook in America's classrooms; and learn what they predicted would happen if it was removed. Discover how far we have strayed from their plans and learn what can be done to return to their original blueprint for educational excellence. (VHS 60 minutes)
The Foundations of American Government
This presentation acquaints viewers with the truth that the current doctrine of "separation of church and state" is something never intended by the Founders. Survey the historical records surrounding the drafting of the First Amendment and see what has happened statistically since the contemporary courts rejected the Founders' intent. This is great for sharing with pastors and public officials! (VHS 25 minutes)

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